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FEB 22, 2019
Notification about system maintenance

The maintenance will be performed according to the following schedule.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience which it might have caused in your work, but we ask for your kind understanding.

From 08:45 MAR 10th (Sunday) to 10:15, 2019(Japan time)

The finishing time may change around the estimated time depending on the progress of maintenance work.
Thank you for your understanding.

JULY 24, 2018

Please be informed that our office is closed on July 26 & 27, 2018.
During this period, you may experience a delay in our response.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and greatly appreciate your patience.

April 1, 2018
Revision of terms and conditions of membership and addition of functions (announcement)

As previously announced on March 1, 2018, we have revised the terms and conditions of membership for enhanced customer service.
The details of the revision are as follows:
(1) Addition of purposes of use of membership information, etc. (use of membership information for marketing and other services, etc.)
(2) Expansion of the scope of joint users (addition of sales companies
*Addition of precautions for residents in EEA (European Economic Area) countries
In response to customers' opinions and requests, the TOP screen and search results list screen have been redesigned and a catalog search results list screen (new) has been added.

Requests to customers for the revision of terms and conditions of membership
From April 1, 2018, the new terms and conditions of membership will be displayed when you log in. Confirm the contents and at the same time reconfirm your registered membership information.

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