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FAQ00002833Model SelectionOf the new “HN46A□,” which old types do X, H or Y correspond to? 
FAQ00002834Model SelectionLike a vacuum circuit breaker, a “vacuum valve” is used. Is a “switching surge protector” required?
FAQ00002835Model SelectionPlease tell us when a constantly energized type and a latch type of product should be used.
FAQ00002836Model SelectionCan a “capacitor trip device” for a high-voltage circuit breaker be used as a high-voltage magnetic contactor?
FAQ00002837Model SelectionWe need only a surface insulation cover for the HN46A□. Is there any particular type available?
FAQ00002832OthersWhat does BCT mean?
FAQ00002838Product specificationsAre the HN46P (old type) and the HN46AP (new type) compatible with each other? 
FAQ00002839Product specificationsIs a counter supplied with the HN46A□ series as a standard item?
FAQ00002841Product specificationsHow long are the closing time (constantly energized, latch type) and tripping time (latch type)?
FAQ00002842Product specificationsIs it necessary to purchase a connector with an external lead wire?
FAQ00002843Product specificationsWhat is the required capacity of the VT for operating power?
FAQ00002844Product specificationsWhat is the configuration of a board surface tripping operated type like?
FAQ00002845Product specificationsWill the coil be burned out if a closing signal for a latch type is continuously applied?
FAQ00002846Product specificationsCan a 200 VA VT be mounted on the high-voltage magnetic contactor HN46A□ series?
FAQ00002847Product specificationsCan the HN46A□ series be provided with four NO-contacts and four NC-contacts?
FAQ00002848Product specificationsWhat is the limited load (VA) of the VT of the HN46A□ series?
FAQ00002849Product specificationsTell us the type number of the crimp terminals used for the board-side connectors for the HA46A□ series and type number of the crimping tool.
FAQ00002850Product specificationsWhat does the “W” mean at the end of HN46A□-□W?
FAQ00002851Product specificationsWhat is the required minimum closing command time of the HN46A□-□L1?
FAQ00002852Product specificationsWhat is the operating temperature range of the HN46A□ series for cold regions?
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