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FAQ00002781Maintenance and inspectionIs it possible to check the wear of the main contact of the multi-VCB?
FAQ00002782Maintenance and inspectionThe neon lamp of a capacitor trip device VCB-T1A was damaged. Can it be replaced?
FAQ00002783Maintenance and inspectionIs it possible to replace only the OCR of an old AUTO-V?
FAQ00002784Maintenance and inspectionCan the vacuum checker “VC-1A” be calibrated?
FAQ00002785Maintenance and inspectionFor how many years can I use the capacitor trip “VCB-T1”?
FAQ00002786Maintenance and inspectionCan the front panel of the VCB cleaned with thinner?
FAQ00002787Model SelectionCan the capacitor trip device for the VCS be used as a circuit breaker.
FAQ00002788Model SelectionIs a standard ammeter available for the AUTO-V?
FAQ00002789Model SelectionIs the “connector with an external lead wire,” one of the accessories to the multi-VCB, required?
FAQ00002790Model SelectionHow should we designate the current value of the AUTO-V provided with an ammeter?
FAQ00002780OthersWhen transferring a VCB in a board in what condition should they be maintained?
FAQ00002791Product specificationsIs the new series compatible with the old “□□-N series” and “□□-NA series”? 
FAQ00002792Product specificationsWhat do the concepts of rated breaking time and opening time mean?  
FAQ00002793Product specificationsWhat do “MW, PW” indicated on a trip type mean?
FAQ00002794Product specificationsWhat does the locking of the “instantaneous setting dial” of the AUTO-V mean?
FAQ00002795Product specificationsWhat is the required capacity of the VT for operating power for the HS2006 and the 2506□Mf-E?
FAQ00002796Product specificationsWhat is the difference between trip methods “6” and “7” of the AUTO-V?
FAQ00002797Product specificationsWhat does “high-speed contact reclosing” of the HS type of product mean?
FAQ00002798Product specificationsHow does contact closing operation of the multi-VCB take place?
FAQ00002799Product specificationsHow long is the spring energy accumulation time of the HS type product?
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