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FAQ00002142Model SelectionDo you manufacture timers with gold-plated contacts?
FAQ00002143Model SelectionIs any of the timers of the MS4S series treated for use in tropical regions?
FAQ00002144Model SelectionIs there any terminal cover for the socket TP88X1?
FAQ00002145Model SelectionIs a hold-down spring supplied with the socket TP88X2 when it is purchased?
FAQ00002151Product specificationsIs it acceptable to use continuous input, like power supply input, for the start input of the multi-timer “MS4SM”?
FAQ00002152Product specificationsWhat is the off-delay start voltage of the MS4SF “off-delay timer”?
FAQ00002155Product specificationsWe wish to use MS4S series timers in a location where they will be exposed to water. What is the degree of protection of these timers?
FAQ00002156Product specificationsDo you manufacture MS4S series timers for tropical humid regions?
FAQ00002157Product specificationsHow does the MS4SR (repeat timer) operate?
FAQ00002158Product specificationsIs it possible to set ON and OFF times separately in flicker mode of the MS4SM timer?
FAQ00002160Product specificationsWhen a non-contact input method is used for the MD4E, can it work even if it is directly coupled with a PNP?
FAQ00002161Product specificationsWhat does the gate input function of the MS4SM do?
FAQ00002163Product specificationsWhat are the DC contact specifications of the MS4SF?
FAQ00002167Product specificationsIs MS4SA type timer faulty when the green LED is flickering and the red LED is not lit?
FAQ00002168Product specificationsIs a surge suppression element contained between the power terminals of an MS4S series timer?
FAQ00002169Product specificationsWhen the power to an MS4S series timer is interrupted, will a surge voltage be produced between the power terminals?
FAQ00002171Product specificationsDo you manufacture MS4S series timers with a rating of 200 V DC?
FAQ00002172Product specificationsDo you manufacture MS4S series timers with a rating of 400 V AC?
FAQ00002173Product specificationsIs there any off-delay timer provided with an instantaneous contact?
FAQ00002174Product specificationsHow long is the operating time when the time delay dial of the MS4SM or MS4SA timer is set at 0?
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