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FAQ00001542Maintenance and inspectionWhat are the withstand voltage and insulation resistance values of CP-F type?
FAQ00001543Model SelectionAre CP-F series units provided with a delay device applicable to all operating characteristics?
FAQ00001544Model SelectionHow many terminal covers are required for the CP-F series?
FAQ00001545Model SelectionDo the standard accessories for CP-F type include auxiliary and alarm switches?
FAQ00001546Model SelectionIs it possible to provide CP-F type with two auxiliary switches?
FAQ00001540OthersWhat is the UL standard certification number of CP-F type?
FAQ00001541OthersIn what quantities are the terminal covers for the CP-F series sold?
FAQ00001547Product specificationsIs there any handle padlocking device available for CP-F type?
FAQ00001548Product specificationsWhat are the material and UL fire resistance of terminal covers for CP-F type?
FAQ00001549Product specificationsCan CP-F type come with external trip function?
FAQ00001550Product specificationsDoes CP-F type have any trip position?
FAQ00001551Product specificationsWhat is the degree of protection of CP-F type?
FAQ00001552Product treatmentPlease tell us how the CP-F series can be mounted.
FAQ00001553Product treatmentCan CP-F type be mounted on a panel?
FAQ00001554Product treatmentWhen the main unit of CP-F type is fastened with screws, what is the tightening torque of the screws?
FAQ00001555Product treatmentAre mounting screws required to fasten terminal covers for CP-F type?
FAQ00001556Product treatmentWhat is the wire-tightening torque of CP-F type?
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