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Membership Constitution Agreement

Introduction of Fe Membership

Fuji Electric Fe Library (Fe Library) is a technical information providing service provided by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to "Company") and its affiliates. By registering yourself with Fe Library Membership ("Fe Membership"), you can download all technical data, manuals, sample programs, and other kinds of technical information posted on Fe Library for free. You can also download various product documents about Company's products so that you can get more detailed information for Company's products instantly. In case you request it on the registration procedure for Fe Membership, Company provides to you announcements of Company's products and so on.

Important Notice about Membership Registration

Please carefully read the Privacy Policy and the Membership Agreement for Fe Membership as indicated below. Please proceed to membership registration procedure only if you agree to such policy and agreement. By clicking the <I Agree> button, you (if you are an individual belongs to a corporation or organization, you and that corporation or organization) are deemed to have agreed to this Agreement.

Membership Agreement for Fe Membership

Article 1 (Membership registration / Rights of member)

  1. You (if you are an individual belongs to a corporation or organization, you and that corporation or organization) becomes a member of Fe Membership when you agree to this Agreement and complete the registration procedure at the Membership Registration Window on the Fe Library page
  2. After the registration of Fe Membership, you are entitled to use the technical information provided by Company through the Fe Library, including but not limited to technical data, manuals and sample programs and so on, using the User ID and password issued by Company to you, to the limited extent permitted by this Agreement.

Article 2 (Treatment of User ID and password)

You are prohibited from performing any of the actions listed below in handling your User ID and password. Failure to comply with these prohibitions entitles Company to cancel your Fe Membership registration without prior notice to you.

  1. Lending or transferring your User ID and password to any third party;
  2. Acquiring a User ID through registration of false information; or
  3. Using any User ID and password that have been acquired by a third party or that you acquired illegally.

Article 3 (Cancellation of membership)

  1. If you choose to withdraw your membership from Fe Membership, you must either complete a withdrawal procedure in the Membership Withdrawal Window on the Fe Library page or send your intention to withdraw your membership by e-mail to the Fuji Electric Fe Library Membership Management Office (felibrary-member@fujielectric.co.jp). If you perform the membership withdrawal procedure on the Fe Library page, such procedure is deemed to have been completed upon the appearance of a message stating the completion of the procedure in the Fe Library page. If you perform the membership withdrawal procedure by sending e-mail to the Fuji Electric Fe Library Membership Management Office, the membership withdrawal procedure may take some time to complete.
  2. Company is entitled to take the membership withdrawal procedure if you have not used (logged in) the Fe Library for one (1) year or longer after your use (login) at the last time. This provision also applies if you fail to execute the membership information change procedure as provided for in A Article 4 even though your e-mail address or address has been changed, and as a result messages from Company fail to reach you for a continuous period of six (6) months or longer.
  3. If your breaching of any provision of this Agreement comes to Company's knowledge, you will be deemed to have your membership withdrawn on the date of that breach and Company will initiate the membership withdrawal procedure.
  4. If you desire to use the Fe Library again after your membership has been withdrawn pursuant to Paragraph 1 or 2 above, please take the membership registration procedure again.

Article 4 (Changes to Membership Information)

Whenever changes occur to your registered membership information (such as your name or the name of company or organization you belong to, your position, address, telephone number, e-mail address and so on), please promptly take the procedures for change in the Membership Information Change Window on the Fe Library page.

Article 5 (Handling of Membership Information)

  1. Company shall keep your registered membership information under strict control to guard against loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration made by anyone other than you. Membership information of members who have withdrawn their membership shall be deleted by Company at its responsibility.
  2. Company shall use your registered membership information only for the following purposes:
    1. (1) Management of the Fe Library;
    2. (2) Providing product information, technical information and various event and service announcements of Company and/or its affiliates to you;
    3. (3) Proposing solutions based on the products available from Company and/or its affiliates, and collecting your views and opinions for such solutions and/or products; and
    4. (4) Providing other announcements from Company necessary to maintain the services provided by Company and/or its affiliates.
  3. Company shall not disclose your registered information to third parties, except where any of the following circumstances apply:
    1. (1) Prior approval has been granted by you;
    2. (2) Disclosure of your membership information is required to protect human lives or bodies, or properties, even though your prior approval is difficult to obtain;
    3. (3) Disclosure of your membership information is necessary in order to assign Company's subcontractors or affiliates a part of the work necessary for the purpose set forth in Paragraph 2 above and the disclosure is made to the extent necessary for such work. Please understand and agree that Company's affiliates or distributors may get into direct contact with you depending on your address, products that you indicated your interest or any other reason. Company shall at its responsibility supervise the handling of your information by the assignees; or
    4. (4) Disclosure is required by law.
  4. As for the requests for the disclosure, etc. of the personal information included in your registered membership information, or consultation or claim about such personal information, please refer to the Company's Privacy Policy page separately posted on Company's website.

Article 6 (Right to Use Technical Information)

Subject to the conditions as specified below, you are entitled to use technical documents, technical news, technical data, users guides, characteristic curves, outline drawings, CAD data, specifications, system implementations, users manuals and operation manuals (hereinafter collectively referred to "Company Information") and various computer programs and software (hereinafter collectively referred to "Company Software") provided by Company through the Fe Library.

  1. (1)You can view Company Information on your computer or print it for viewing purposes; provided, however, that Company Information (including its printout) shall not be reprinted, duplicated, modified or otherwise similarly treated in whole or in part without prior written consent from Company.
  2. (2)You shall not use Company Software for any purpose, such as duplication (except for backup purpose), diversion, modification, reverse engineering and so on, other than its original purpose. However, to Company Software to which a document that describe license terms is attached, or for which a users manual or operation manual that describe license terms is separately provided by Company, such license terms shall be applied.
  3. (3)You shall not transfer or lend to third parties, make available to transmit, distribute, permit third parties to use, provide for the purpose of the security, Company Information and Company Software and the right to use them granted to you hereunder.
  4. (4)Notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph (2) and (3), you can copy and/or modify Company Software which is indicated as "COPY FREE" and distribute such copied and/or modified software to third parties at your own responsibility.
  5. (5)Company may change or modify Company Information and/or Company Software without a notice. Please understand and agree that in principle Company will not inform you about the change or modification to Company Information and Company Software that you obtained from Fe Library.

Article 7 (Copyrights on Technical Information)

Copyright of Company Information and Company Software belongs solely to Company.

Article 8 (No liability for Technical Information)

Company assumes no liability for any damage that may be caused to you or any third parties as a result of your use or inability to use Company Information or Company Software, whether foreseeable or not. Company makes no warranty that Company Information and Company Software do not or will not infringe third parties' intellectual property rights and that said information is fit for your intended purpose.

Article 9 (Handling on Agreement and Withdrawal from Membership)

  1. You are deemed to have agreed to this Agreement when you click the <I Agree> button.
  2. If you choose to withdraw your membership, your accessibility to the Fe Library terminates upon completion of your membership withdrawal procedure. In such case, you lose the right to use Company Information and Company Software granted under Article 6 hereof and you shall delete immediately the Company Information and Company Software in your possession.

Article 10 (Amendment of this Agreement)

  1. Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time by notifying you of the scheduled timing and description of such amendment, or by posting them at Company's Website, at least one month before such amendment.
  2. If you use the Fe Library after the amendment under the preceding paragraph 1, you are deemed to have agreed to the amended version of this Agreement on the effective date of such amendment.

Article 11 (Language)

This Agreement will be made in Japanese and other languages; provided, however, that the Japanese version shall be the original version. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and other language version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Article 12 (Governing law)

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 13 (Dispute resolution)

For all disputes, controversies or differences which may arise between you and Company, out of or in relation to or in connection with this Agreement, Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction for the first trial; provided, however, that if you are a non-resident in Japan, such disputes, controversies or differences shall be finally settled by arbitration in Tokyo, Japan, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. The language of the arbitration shall be Japanese.

If you agree to these terms, please click the following <I Agree> button.

The membership registration windows from Company are supported by "SSL encrypted communication" by which input information is transmitted encrypted, to safeguard your personal information.


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