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FRENIC-Loader 4 Version [For Windows8.1/10] (Incl. Instruction Manual)

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FRENIC-Loader4 is supporting software of Fuji general purpose inverter series. It provides parameter editing and management, various monitoring functions and data tracing functions, and etc. on the PC. After extracting the ZIP file, run "FRENIC-Loader4_V1.1.0.32_setup.exe", and perform setup according to the wizard. * Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 10 (32bit and 64bit) Loader4 integrates and improves the functions of the following existing support software, and has a read compatibility with existing files made with their. - FRENIC-Loader 3.3 - FRENIC-HVAC/AQUA Loader - FRENIC Visual Customizer

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Drive control equipment > Inverters for general industry > Low voltage inverters > FRENIC-HVAC(FRN-AR1)
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Software > Loader Software
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